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Jos de Mul. Red de mens! Maar waarvaneigenlijk? Lezing in het kader kader van het NextNature evenement Save the Humans @ The Hoxton. Amsterdam: The Hoxtin: Herengracht 255, 1016BJ Amsterdam, 11 februari 2016, 20:00-23:00.


Technology and nature…rarely considered to be peas in a pod, until you meet Next Nature, that is. These guys will change the way you think; they’re all about seeing the planet not as a static concept with humans as its antagonist, but seeing ourselves and nature as one, unpredictably changing concept – and tech as a big part of that. With brand new software (3-D printed organs, food, plants, anyone?) and crazy genetic surprises, they’ll prove that biology and technology can be each other’s best friends after all.

The evening will centre around Next Nature’s newest book “Save The Humans," which is all about that bond between us and 'the robots.' Philosopher, artist and scientist (and head of Next Nature) Koert Van Mensvoort will kick off the evening, then there’ll be commentary on the coffee-table-book-gone-smart by co-author Mieke Gerritzen, followed by a talk on  Homo sapiens 3.0 by Jos de Mul, and an introduction to “The Modular Human” by Floris Kaayk

‘Course, there’ll be drinks flowing because all the learning is thirsty work, right? Humour, humans, a bit of smarts and a bit of booze – NOT A BAD NIGHT! 

Tickets available now through Hoxtown: http://bit.ly/nnnsave


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Publication March 28, 2024

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