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Jos de Mul. Einführung in das Denken Plessners. Keynote Konferenz Deutsche Theorie II: Helmuth Plessner. Universität Zürich, 2 Juli, 2018.

Helmuth Plessner (1892-1985) was one of the founders of philosophical anthropology, and his book The Levels of the Organic and Man [Die Stufen des Organischen und der Mensch], first published in 1928, has inspired generations of philosophers, biologists, social scientists, and humanities scholars. In his lecture De Mull argues for Plessner’s relevance to contemporary discussions in a wide variety of fields in the humanities and sciences, such as biology, neurosciences, psychology, sociology, social geography, cultural anthropology, philosophy of mind, and technology studies.


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Publication March 28, 2024

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