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Jos de Mul. Cognitive space, global brains, and the hive mind An evolutionary account of information and communication technologies. Invited lecture at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto. July 22, 2016.

The emergence of information and communications technologies (ICTs) can be regarded as a milestone in the cognitive evolution of mankind, comparable to the two other major transitions of the cognitive structure of the genus Homo: the development of spoken language, and the invention of writing. In order to fully understand the new cognitive space disclosed by recent information and communication technologies, we have to situate it against the background of these two earlier transitions. It will be argued that new technologies like the internet, wireless communication and brain implants are part of an ongoing construction of a global brain and the emergence of a hive mind. 

Jos de Mul is the 2016  Visiting Professor at the Ritsumeikan University Kyoto. In the Spring Semeseter 2016 he will teach the course Destiny Domesticated. On Greek and Japanese tragedies.


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Publication March 28, 2024

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